The majority of our pieces are made from Rayon as it is lightweight, breathable and drapes well. If you follow the directions for garment care it will ensure you get the most wear from your Go Girl, Bodacious and Jar of H❤️rts clothing. 

We highly recommend hand washing your garments to prolong the life of your clothing. Use cold water and a mild detergent, be gentle and never use hot water as it can shrink your items.

The best way to dry Rayon clothing is flat drying or line drying, never twist or wring the fabric. Certain types of Rayon wrinkle more easily but gently hanging to dry can minimize wrinkles and the need to iron. Always iron on a low heat setting from the inside as this helps reduce excess shine. An excellent way to remove wrinkles from Rayon in a gentle way is a hand-held garment steamer.