Spring is in the air!!

Vanessa Matthews

Posted on August 28 2018

You begin to notice the little things, blossoms beginning to form on trees, the longer days & that little bit of warmth in the sun can only mean 1 thing. Spring is on it’s way (thank goodness I say! I’m most definitely a warm weather gal!)

With the arrival of Spring looming, if you’re anything like me it’s that time where you suddenly realise a) my bikini body certainly is not ready for the warmer months!! & b) Time to put the jeans & trakkies away & find some new pretty things to wear! 

Here is our guide to help you get yourself ready for Spring! 


Getting dressed is so much easier when you don’t have to sift through off-season clothing. Pop your jeans & jumpers in your bottom drawers or put on the top shelf of your wardrobe.

You want the prime real estate in your wardrobe to be available for all the new season items! Now it’s time to dig out your t shirts, shorts & dresses from last summer. If they need tossing, get rid of them or donate to charity (if they are still wearable but you just feel like your wardrobe needs a little updating!) 


The following mix of items are essential to start the Sping/Summer season

A great pair of comfy swimmers, or even 2 pairs! I live in sunny coastal QLD, we spend a lot of time at the beach so I like to have 2 pairs that I can mix & match with & while 1 set is in the wash or on the line, I know I always have a back up! Check out our All about Eve swimwear bikini styles, they can be brought as separates (which is awesome when you’re a different size up top to down bottom!) There’s also some beautiful one piece options if bikini’s aren’t your thing. We LOVE Bikini styles Eve Tri Bra 64X8004 & Eve Cheeky Pant 64X8005 & in a one piece Watercolour One piece 6428028.

-BASIC TEES & TANKS-Check out our Basics loose fit tank VGLT129, & Basics loose fit T shirt  VGLT130 they are the ultimate in comfort & they are a great fit-not too clingy-not too loose! The tanks feature a thick strap too, so you can wear a decent bra underneath (hallelujah!). They look cute tied at the bottom too, & can be worn tucked in. These basics are perfect to wear with shorts & skirts & look great with jeans too. 

- A MAXI DRESS-Something that you can dress up or dress down. I particularly like our Aqua Marine Long Overlap Maxi VGLD193, but other great options are our Maxi Print with tie VGLD198 & our Onslow Stripe Leaf Print Dress VBLD122. All can be easily be dressed up with a pretty necklace or earrings & can take you from the beach to out to dinner 

 -A SHORTER LENGTH DRESS-Something easy to wear when the weather is warm! Our faves are Marigot Wide Strap Dress VGLD086 & Our best seller, Lombok Tank Dress VBLD966. Both come in a fab range of colours, sure to suit everyone! 

-ROUCHED PANTS-Cool, comfy & flowy. These really are the ultimate in comfort & come in 3/4 length & full length, with & without ties. Great for travelling in & can be dressed up or dressed down! These are also wonderful for Mums-to-be as they have a super stretchy rouched waist & can accomodate a growing tummy. 


The warmer weather means we need to up our Hydration levels. Being outdoors in the heat & also being indoors in Air Conditioning can really dry us out!  Aim to drink ..............a day, this not only keeps dehydration at bay but helps plump your skin & gives you a glow 


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